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The Little Brothers of Francis is an Eremitical expression of the Religious Life with Saint Francis' Rule for Hermitages as our map and guide. Before visiting, we strongly recommend you visit our website and read it carefully, especially the slideshow/powerpoint presentation.

The Brothers provide a hermitage for one person to enable them to participate in our life. It is available from 1st November to the end of May.

Each day begins and ends with worship, as we keep a round of liturgical offices which mark the rhythm of the daily routine distinctive of the Religious Life. Guests join in this pattern of worship which is led by one of the Brothers. It would be helpful if you could let us know how and where you are being spiritually nurtured.

Brother on phone
A Brother on the phone

A good level of fitness and mobility is necessary to manage the rough terrain and the work regime at the hermitage. Note that we are remote from medical assistance. A visitor with special dietary issues needs to negotiate them with the Brothers.

Visitors “unplug” so as to fully appreciate the experience of being here at the hermitage. There is no internet access, nor is there any mobile phone reception in the valley where we live. There is a phone in a metal box on a pole in the bush a kilometre's walk up a steep hill from the community buildings which can be used by arrangement.

The Guest Hermitage

The guest hermitage is a simple building designed for one person. It is simply furnished with a table and chair, bed, and tea/coffee-making facilities. Lighting is provided from a solar panel and battery. There are verandahs on two sides and a rainwater tank for drinking water. There is an outside compost toilet close by. The guest hermitage is about five minutes' walk from the main community area.

The community area is where community activities take place, and where the prayer-room, kitchen, library and refectory are located. There is also a compost toilet and basic bathroom facilities which are used by everyone. These buildings are surrounded by fruit trees, and the vegetable garden and apiary are nearby.

Our Hermitage - Eremophila - Site Plan (not to scale)

When packing for your visit, bear in mind that you are in bush surroundings. Pack sturdy working shoes and clothes suitable for gardening or other manual work – clothes that are easily washed. You will need a hat in summer.

With regard to work, come with a willing attitude and a preparedness to “have a go”!

There is no set daily charge for your accommodation but we would appreciate a payment to cover our costs according to your means.

See Contact the Brothers for contact details . Please give us your phone number and postal address so we can follow up on your enquiry.

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